Frequently Asked Questions

How can quality be judged?

Most of the times we evaluate product quality through very emotional factors: shape, colour, price…in few seconds we make our choice, also depending on our buying mood. Most of the times we choose nice packaging but that can be very polluting and difficult to be disposed and create a lot of waste: think about that when you choose your product.

We select our products always keeping in mind their use and we test them on the long term to simulate real use: if they satisfy our criteria, they will become a Bixpro product as we want to deliver quality items that satisfy customer needs and last longer: e.g. we use lithium polymer battery cells of higher quality that deliver longer and higher energy storage, travel plugs have copper coated circuitry for better electricity conduction.

Can any item be personalized with my logo or message?

YES: for promotional corporate gifts, we can personalize all items with the best technique: screen printing, pad printing, laser, engraving.

How do I choose the right technique?
Just tell the positioning of the final product and the use of it. We will recommend the best marking technique.

File format
If you want to personalize the items with your logo, you can send us the following formats .ai, .pdf, .jpg in high resolution.

Packaging: can you develop custom made packaging?

For each item we carefully study and develop a packaging that is both ecologic, protecting it and cost effective. We can develop a special packaging (printed box, hanging card, etc.), depending on the scope: corporate gift, item to be sold on POS, add on, etc.

Minimum order quantity – MOQ

Basically there is no MOQ but in order to have a competitive price, we recommend some MOQ, in order to exploit more competitive pricing for higher quantities. This also depends on the type of product and how it is produced. Send us your request and we will evaluate it.

Delivery time

Delivery time can range from a minimum of few days to 3-5 weeks, depending on the size of the order and complexity of the personalization: logo, packaging, etc.

Import duties: when do I have to pay?

In your country you might have to pay import duties on certain items: check with your freight forwarder/custom broker. We can assist you with HS codes.


You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer. For large projects we discuss each detail.

Shipping point

We deliver out of our warehouse in Switzerland. For large or special orders, we can organise special direct delivery to your address. We can deliver via DHL/UPS/FedEx or freight forwarder