About us

We love to travel

We have always loved new ideas, challenges, energy, marketing, products, trends, design, packaging. Every new project is a great challenge that will create energy, leading us to explore existing and new oceans, embarking in a new journey and direction that we could not have imagined.

Even the tiniest product that might seem too simple, hides a lot of knowhow behind. Clever products embed so much diversity: design, technology, use…they can be personalized in almost every single detail, in order to make them unique and reflect your brand, personality, idea.

Our goal is so develop, manufacture, distribute products with a personal touch, also on OEM basis. We like new ideas and challenges.

Our values


Design is one of the many elements that make a product unique and special: it’s the name and surname of it, making it recognisable. We always strive to deliver functional, clear and pleasant design, taking care of details.


There’s never a second chance to make a first good impression: how many times have we heard or used ourselves this phrase? Quality is often praised by many, but not reflected in products or services for different reasons: price, non alignment of company culture and everyday business, not listening to customers, etc. Satisfied customers are one of the best investments.

Field testing

We like to touch, test and use every new product, before introducing it into our assortment, getting very useful feedback over a longer period of time, that will guarantee product reliability


Pressure on price, leads many companies to choose cheaper and lower quality materials, reduce product weight, most of the times, decreasing overall quality: this lower quality many times will be evident only during the use of the product, reducing product use and life.

How do we choose which materials are used in our products? Choosing the right material, according to the product and its real use is the key to deler good quality: no guesswork is allowed as know-how is very important part of the project.

Certifications & standards

Certifications & standards (e.g. EN, CE, RoHS) are present in many product categories and can be divided into voluntary or mandatory: they regulate products and its commercialization. It is a part of the project development, to check these regulations, that may vary from country to country.